09th Aug - 11th Aug 2018

Ravinia Festival 2018

Program I (8/9/18): “CSO: James Conlon and Garrick Ohlsson”

“Conlon conducted this music with a light hand, opening with an unhurried, regal approach to the most famous movement of “Pulcinella,” the Sinfonia (Overture). From there, true to his word, Conlon cleared ample space for CSO musicians to sound forth…In all, a selfless contribution from Conlon in tipping his hat to his longtime colleagues.” — Chicago Tribune


Program II (8/11/18): “CSO: Italian Opera Favorites”

“The soothing Ravinia breezes seemed full of ardor as they sang, and by the time they took on the line together it was unmistakable that love was in the air. Conlon ensured that the orchestra provided firm support … The concert opened with Rossini, the overture to “The Barber of Seville.” Conlon opened with a creamy and gentle sound from the orchestra, leading effectively into the stormy section … The overture to Semiramide gave the CSO’s wind section an opportunity to shine and they provided a quiet and thoughtful approach that led directly to big, full sound from the entire orchestra.”— Hyde Park Herald



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