01st Jun - 22nd Jun 2019

LA Opera: Verdi’s “La Traviata”

” In the pit, Conlon and the orchestra sounded terrific from beginning to end. Conlon’s reading was perfectly gauged, transparent and propulsive, and able to pounce on Verdi’s more dramatic pronouncements without undue heaviness. His taut collaboration with the singers was invisible to the ear. The L.A. Opera Chorus, prepared by Grant Gershon, sang with robust precision.” – Los Angeles Times

“…[with] the vibrant orchestra under James Conlon … the production had its charms: lots of glamour to behold, satisfying performances in all the secondary roles and, of course, that infinitely beautiful music, nurtured and so lovingly interpreted by the esteemed James Conlon, the orchestra and the splendid chorus of LAO.” – Seen and Heard International

“In charge of a splendidly virtuosic orchestra whose woodwinds excelled, brass exulted and strings sounded silky smooth if a bit thin, Conlon paced the opera so wisely that the great arias and sparkling moments were jewels in a crown that kept the story moving inexorably. It was one of those performances where you want Violetta to die. At the end everything was right.” – Bachtrack

“The work Conlon does with the orchestra continues to be the glory of the company. His constant propulsiveness and perfectly judged tempos and how well they relate to one another. If he errs anywhere it’s on the side of being a good accompanist. The downbeats in the string section all night long were so terrific and muscular and he has a preternatural sense of keeping the balance between pit and stage. […] a top notch musical presentation.” – Parterre Box

Conlon Creates Wonderful Verdi: Under the direction of LA Opera’s Music Director James Conlon, “Traviata’s” cast and orchestra served the brisk telling of this drama, while creating satisfying musical shape and highlights. I enjoyed hearing rhythmic articulations I don’t recall hearing so clearly before in the great scene where Germont the Father comes to persuade Violetta to give up his son for the sake of their family’s reputation and his daughter’s pending marriage and is moved by Violetta’s unexpected dignity. There was a dramatic integrity to Conlon’s direction…” – Opera Wire

“[James Conlon] offered a brisk and lively reading of Verdi’s immortal score that resulted in a fascinating evening at Los Angeles Opera.” – Broadway World

“Conductor James Conlon discusses the importance of the opera in both the canon and on a personal level in the pre-opera talk and in the program essay, and his knowledge of and devotion to the work comes through in his sure-handed direction of the orchestra.” – Los Angeles Beat

“He led the orchestra with his typical gusto, which always brings out the best in the musicians.” – Culture Spot LA

“…Verdi’s tunes – manifested in immaculate form by conductor James Conlon and chorus director Grant Gershon – straddle the difficult line between the mirthful and the melancholy.” – LA Excites

“Conductor James Conlon conjures up some ravishing sonorities from the orchestra pit to complement the colorful Art Deco visuals onstage.  He accompanies his singers with rapt intensity and makes the tragic orchestral preludes sound darkly luminous.  It was with Traviata in 2006 that maestro Conlon started his tenure at the LAO.  It’s also the opera that got him hooked at age eleven. (His pre-opera talks are always illuminating for the laymen as well as connoisseurs.)” – Classical Voice

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