22nd Sep - 14th Oct 2018

LA Opera: Verdi’s Don Carlo

““Don Carlo” was one of the operas with which James Conlon began his now 12-year tenure as L.A. Opera music director by showing off his intensity. The drive remains, but what is admirably different now is a far richer orchestra sound, giving a new weight to the bass, a downright miraculous feat in this bass-shy hall. The result is a far greater overall sense of dramatic gravity.” – Los Angeles Times 

“At the lecture that preceded the performance, conductor James Conlon said this was his fiftieth performance of DON CARLO. His rendition was exquisitely translucent and it allowed audience members to follow every instrumental voice in the orchestra. It was a big sound to sing over, but Conlon had most of the right singers and the composite sound was absolutely gorgeous.” – Broadway World 

“Maestro James Conlon creates an exhilarating operatic experience.” – People’s World 

“Under James Conlon, a seasoned interpreter of Verdi’s music, the orchestra was marvelous, delivering the dignity, pathos and roiling emotions at the heart of Verdi’s opera and forming the foundation for a perfect symbiosis of music, song, art and drama.” – Seen and Heard International 

“At three hours (plus a twenty minute intermission), it feels just right – and with the expert direction of Louisa Muller (making her LA Opera debut) and the conducting of the always august James Conlon, time flies.” – Schmopera

James Conlon led a majestic reading of this score with its dark tinta … The maestro brought all the color and vitality out of the score he could and the double basses ripped into the Grand Inquisitor’s theme to the point where you could hear the strings rattle.” – Parterre 

“Led by Conlon’s impassioned precision, and Domingo’s veteran leadership, resilience, and staying power as a gentle and collaborative stalwart among his operatic peers, “Don Carlo” is an epic odyssey.” – LA Excites

“Conductor James Conlon always leads the LA Opera orchestra with bravura. He knows how to make the orchestra shine with big sound when indicated and how to follow the singers when desired, without overshadowing or drowning them out. ” – Beverly Hills Courier

“the music is a star all its own, and Conlon and the Orchestra sparkled.” – Culture Spot LA

“As wonderful as the individuals are, extra laurels must be awarded to the chorus. Buoyed up by James Conlon’s magnificent orchestra, the massive chorus alone is worth the price of admission. It truly renders “Don Carlo” as grand.” – Culture Vulture

“We respect and we acquiesce to James Conlon when it comes to opera demeanor for the critically-poised conductor has the power to deliver. Much of this successful Don Carlo centers around his persuasion. Debuting Louisa Muller carries the plotline with great fluidity by refusing to drop the curtain between acts and scenes (with exception of the one much-needed intermission.) This objective, complimented by M. Conlon’s breakneck tempo, taunts the audience with anticipatory anxiousness, relevance in equation and revelations of Verdi’s rawness.” – ConcertoNet

“James Conlon brought drive and passion to the music.” – Opera Magazine

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