22nd May - 12th Jun 2022

Verdi’s Aida at LA Opera

“…superlative work of the LA Opera orchestra and chorus, all of whom, under the vigorous baton of James Conlon delivered a stunning triumph scene…” Opera News

“The big voices of [the cast] soared over magnificent chorus and orchestra. James Conlon let it all gloriously ring. One could see the stage perfectly well in relief, and imagination filled in visual details. It all became amazingly believable.” Los Angeles Times

“Maestro James Conlon knows Verdi, let there be no doubts there. He was a galvanizing force all evening. An attentive and commanding accompanist for his singers he husbanded, with the help of his magnificent cast, both the most exciting Triumphal and Judgment scenes I’ve ever heard live. His dedication is to the composer not to himself and he doesn’t overlay an egocentric “interpretation” onto the performance. We’re listening to Verdi’s Aida, not Conlon’s, and I have no higher praise.” Parterre 

“…the magnificent cast and the Los Angeles Opera Chorus and Orchestra centered the drama with force, precision and lyrical magic. Under the baton of James Conlon, a preeminent Verdi conductor, the diverse musical structure of Aida with its divine amalgam of moods and textures was brilliantly realized.” Seen and Heard International

“Verdi, in the hands of the incomparable James Conlon as conductor and a stellar cast, continues to remind us why Aida remains the quintessential opera we’ve come to love.” Indulge Magazine

“As Music Director James Conlon pointed out in his program note, “the story could have taken place anywhere and nowhere. Once upon a time. Never Never Land.” And the multicultural casting typical of LA Opera perfectly accentuates that feeling of oneness with the universe. Gorgeous, captivating and invigorating, LA Opera’s “Aida” will transport you from anywhere to nowhere — and what a sublime place that is to be, even for just a few hours.”Culture Spot LA

“With James Conlon, leading the whole shebang – vibrant orchestra and singers — there is boundless excitement of the senses.” LA Tempo

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