25th May - 27th May 2023

The May Festival

“…with James Conlon fervently conducting the massive orchestral and choral forces and an extra brass choir in the gallery, the music swelled to a brilliant climax that seemed to cause the very walls of Music Hall to ring… Whether it was adrenalin or Conlon’s mastery of this fiendishly difficult score, this was a performance that was both polished and thrillingly spontaneous….
Conlon led with a sure hand, propelling the orchestra urgently, while careful to balance both the grandeur of its climaxes with moments of almost chamber music-like intimacy...Part II opened with atmospheric forest murmurs in the orchestra, and a beautifully intoned chorale in the horns. Conlon led with intensity and illuminated every detail in the orchestra, a radiant canvas of orchestral colors. Throughout the work, he urged the singers to ever more expansive heights.” — Cincinnati Business Courier

“The warmth and invigorating spirit of Conlon’s interpretation will be remembered as a highlight of the anniversary season. The performance was both deeply personal and universal.” — Cincinnati Business Courier


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